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What is 1:1 Technology?

1:1 Technology - Every student is given a device for individualized learning.

A 1:1 setup is one in which a school is able to purchase/obtain one device per student and give those students full access to the device for schoolwork.

Chromebooks and iPads are perhaps the most widely-used/documented devices for such programs.

Why we talk about this at Chalkup
The devices aren’t just coming. They’re already here. As more districts embrace mobile as a way to keep in touch outside of class periods - sharing resources, asking questions, collaborating on projects - several models have emerged for ensuring all students can participate. The 1:1 model is one way schools are doing this.

While not without challenges - like any mobile learning program - new resources have emerged (blogs, Twitter chats, apps) specifically for teachers who are in 1:1 environments and working to shift their classroom culture to accommodate the hyperconnectivity of their class.

We talk about 1:1 programs because it takes more than just devices to make a 1:1 program work. It also takes smart, easy-to-use, powerful learning platforms like ours to use side-by-side devices.  

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